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Positions Available: ad rates

Send questions to [email protected].

Positions Available and CPE Residency ads are posted on the NACC website for 60 days. The website is updated weekly.


The NACC charges a service fee for posting a Position Available ad. The minimum service fee is $300 (net) for up to 100 words. Over that, each additional group of words up to 25 is another $25. There is also no reduction in the fee if there is a request to run the ad for less than 60 days or if your job is filled at any point before the end of the ad's run. If this happens we are happy to take down your ad but we are not able to refund fees due to your ad working for you.

Word Count Cost
1 - 100$300
101 - 125$325
126 - 150$350
151 - 175$375
176 - 200$400
201 - 225$425
226 - 250$450
251 - 275$475
276 - 300$500

Ads are counted using MS Word. Note that words in the ad header (job title and location) are not considered part of the word count.


The scheduled weekly post date is Thursday.¹ Submitted ads must be received and finalized² by 12 noon CST each Thursday in order to be included in the weekly update. Submissions received or finalized after this deadline may not be posted until the next update.

¹ Exceptions to this rule include weeks where Thursday is a holiday, unscheduled absence (sick day) of the NACC Webmaster, and circumstances beyond our control (a regional power or internet outage, for example).

² An ad must be submitted, checked by NACC staff (includes a word count), then confirmed as accurate and ready to post by the submitting client or organization. At that point the ad is considered to be finalized.

Please note: a Positions Available submission should advertise an open position. An ad that advertises three or four completely different available jobs should be separated into individual ads. Examples: "We are hiring three staff chaplains" can be contained in one ad. "We are hiring a staff chaplain, a director of pastoral care, and a vice president" should be submitted as three ads.


We will invoice you via email. Please provide a valid email address for the invoice. Payments may be made online or with a check once you receive the invoice. Note that we still need a complete physical address and contact name even for credit card payments.

How to submit an ad

Submit via the Positions Available ad form.

If you have a question not answered here, send email to [email protected].

Positions Wanted

Members of the NACC may place a Position Wanted ad for themselves without charge as a benefit of membership. The Position Wanted ad will appear on the website for 60 days. Please email [email protected] to post a Positions Wanted ad.