NACC 2023 Webinar Series
Tools to Transform Resistance and Create Flow in our Relationships

Our need for new thinking and new practices to become more effective communicators has never been more urgent. We live in a time of heighted change, challenges, and polarization. Along with these changes come increased fear, anger, and anxiety. We need extra empathy, heightened self-awareness, resilience, and skills if we wish to transform resistance and to create more ease in all our conversational spaces.

Denise will share practical tools for how we can bring more flow into our conversations and support a more fluid way of being. She will draw on recent studies from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness so that we learn to communicate with more insight, caring, and skill.

2023 NACC National Conference

The events of the past three years have changed us. They have asked so much, and we have responded with our best. But there is weariness—and NACC is a community of care. This year’s conference is not a conference in the traditional sense, rather, it will be a time of retreat, of remembering the treasure: the treasure of this ministry, the treasure of our faith, the treasure we are to the Church.

Gather with old friends and new in Mundelein, Illinois, June 1 – June 3
for a time of rest, of laughter, of joy, and healing.
Come Rest, Remember the Treasure.