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Healing Tree: A Request For Prayers

A large tree among several other trees behind it alongside a walking path on one side and bench on the other side.

Heal me, Lord, that I may be healed;
save me, that I may be saved,
for it is you who I praise.

            -Jeremiah, 17:14


The NACC holds the Healing Tree as a place for members of our community to seek the supporting prayers of their colleagues.

  • Mrs. Agnes K. Lugira BCC
  • Mrs. Bang Lee (mother of Patty Lee)
  • Bill Ruiz (husband of Cathi Ruiz)
  • Charette (NACC member)
  • Cheryl Nickerson
  • Christina Leachman (wife of Joseph Anthony [Tony] Leachman)
  • Denice Foose
  • Ed Drake (husband of Hilda Lethe-Drake)
  • Elizabeth M. Maslow
  • Sr. Ellen Moore
  • Rev. George J. Henninger
  • Isabelita Q. Boquiren
  • James Tanner (brother of Maggie Finley)
  • Ms. Janice L. Burns-Watson
  • Fr. Jim Radde SJ
  • John Boll (husband of Judy Talvacchia)
  • John McMullen
  • Ms. Juanita M. Liepelt OFS
  • Judy Callery-Stangle (sister of John Stangle)
  • Sr. Kathleen F. Mirenda SC
  • Sr. Louise F. Zaplitny SC
  • Ms. Maria P. Meneses
  • Maritza Ramos-Pratt
  • Mrs. Mary B. Johnston
  • MaryAnne XH Ta
  • Marybeth Harmon
  • Maureen (daughter of Carol Raymond)
  • Michael Doyle
  • Michael John Ecks (brother of Elizabeth Ecks)
  • Nicolas J. Maldonado
  • Patrice Kobrenski (sister of Daniel Retelle)
  • Rev. Raymond G. Pierini MM, BCC
  • Mrs. Rita Farris
  • Sr. Rita J. Jarrell OSU
  • Sr. Rita O. Anaka DDL
  • Robert Lopez
  • Susan DeLongis
  • Sr. Teresa J. White SP
  • The Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Marc.
  • The Sisters of Providence as they mourn the death of Sr. Marilyn
  • Yolanda Anaradian (mother of Audrey Anaradian)
  • There are members of our community whose needs are personal; please remember those whose journey needs the support of your prayer.

    If you know of a member of our community who is ill and in need of our prayers, we ask that you request permission of the person, then submit their name through the form below. You may also submit a request for yourself.

    Names are posted here for 60 days, but may remain longer if the need continues. Please either contact NACC or resubmit their name below to continue the intentions.

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