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Certification Renewal

The NACC requires all certified chaplains and CPE educators to renew their certification every five years. Chaplains and CPE educators may submit their Renewal of Certification materials at any point before December 31st of the fifth year of certification.

The renewal of certification process is a continuation of a chaplain or CPE educator’s certification journey, with the individual demonstrating growth in areas identified during previous certifications or peer review. In addition, chaplains and CPE educators are required to complete continuing education hours in each of the competency categories.

Renewal Extension Requests

To avoid a lapse in certification, extensions must be submitted by December 31st of the fifth year. Members may request a second extension by December 31st of the following year. A maximum of two extensions can be granted before certification is considered lapsed. The fee for the first extension is $100. The fee for the second extension is $200.

An extension does not change the cycle of the renewal but rather provides additional time to submit the required materials.

Members whose certification has expired for any reason may be considered for a one-time Reinstatement of Certification, provided the member has sound reason for not renewing certification, meets the eligibility criteria, and demonstrates the Competencies for certification. Click here for more information.

Maintaining Certification in Retirement

Certified members in retirement are required to complete a renewal process every five years to maintain their certification. There are 2 methods available to renew certification in retirement:

  1. Full requirements
  2. Reduced requirements

If the retired member has been certified for more than five years and completed 1 prior renewal process, the member is eligible to utilize the reduced requirements method. This method is a simple 1 page form which is completed online and submitted directly to the NACC office.  Certification in Retirement Form

If the retired member does not meet the above criteria they will be required to completed the full requirements method by following the process outlined in the "renew your certification" section below.

Renew your certification

The Renewal of Certification Instruction Booklet will guide you through the renewal process and clearly outline all the requirements for your renewal.

To renew your certification, download the Certification Renewal Application Materials and prepare your application portfolio. This download will contain the following:

  • Renewal of Certification Instruction Booklet
  • Application Form
  • Template for a Priest Letter of Recommendation
  • Peer Review Form
  • Renewal of Certification Education Form

Renewal applications are reviewed by the Certification Commission several times per year. Renewal notifications will be sent within 30 days of the Certification Commission’s action pending receipt of current ecclesiastical endorsement.