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Certification Reinstatement

Certified members are encouraged to maintain their certification by going through the renewal process every 5 years. However, a member whose certification has expired for any reason may be considered for a one-time Reinstatement of Certification, provided the member has sound reason for not renewing certification, meets the eligibility criteria, and demonstrates the Competencies for certification. Reinstatement of Certification will be based upon written materials and an informal interview with a Subcommittee of the Certification Commission. Alternatively, the member may go through the Initial Certification process.


Eligibility Criteria for Reinstatement of Certification

  • Be a Catholic in good standing, either in the Roman Catholic Church or in one the Eastern Catholic Churches in union with Rome. Ecclesiastical Endorsement is a requirement for certification. See the Ecclesiastical Endorsement Requirements section for more information.
  • Chaplaincy Ministry membership in the NACC (Qualification 301.QUA2).
  • Has held BCC, BCC-VA, or CAC certification with the NACC for at least five years and has not had certification revoked for an ethics violation or for any other reason. Palliative Care and Hospice Advanced Certification is not eligible for reinstatement.
  • Certification with the NACC has expired and is beyond the two years for granting renewal extensions.
  • Certification reinstatement has not been granted before.

Download, complete, and submit the application materials

If you meet these criteria, you need to download the Reinstatement of Certification Application Materials and prepare your application portfolio. This download will contain the following:

  • Certification Reinstatement Instruction Booklet
  • Application Form
  • Templates for Letters of Recommendation
  • Essay Templates

The Certification Reinstatement Instruction Booklet will guide you through the application process and clearly outline all the requirements for your application portfolio.

Prior to submitting your application materials, the Applicant must complete an eLearning module on the Ethical and Religious Directives published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and pass a ten (10) question Post-Test. The Applicant must successfully pass the test with a score of 80% or higher.

Once all of your materials are completed, click on the button below to submit your application portfolio.

After your application materials are submitted, the NACC will review your portfolio to ensure that all submission requirements have been met and forward them to the Certification Commission for next steps. See the instruction booklet for more details.

Let us help you get certified! For questions about Reinstatement of Certification or the application process, please email [email protected].