A Creative Way to Address Grief (CPMC Webinar)

Sr. Annie Killian, OP, will discuss her approach to prison ministry as a way of peace-making. She offers returning citizens and people who are incarcerated a ministry of accompaniment and art, and she offers a space for them to address grief. She will also discuss her course “Life After Loss”. Click here to register!


Contribution Amid Constraint: A Sociological Look at Women’s Work in Catholic Spaces (NACC Webinar 2022 Series)

National conversations seek to build networks of support that can ensure that Catholic ministers, bereft of ecclesial support, may thrive personally and professionally for the long haul. In the face of well-researched vocational constraints, NACC chaplains demonstrate remarkable resiliency, creating often ad hoc forms of ongoing formation. In this interactive session an NACC chaplain and […]

Why Ministry? (CPMC Town Hall)

This town hall event invites your reflections from this year! Sr. Misty Garriga and Sr. Susan Van Baalen will be asking town hall attendees to share and reflect on their ministry, addressing the question of “Why Ministry”. They will lead a discussion to help us look back over the year of ministry in gratitude and […]