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Grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition, the Department of Theological Studies invites students to analyze questions of faith, the divine, and ultimate meaning in the context of religious thought and practice. Through intellectually rigorous exploration of the full range of possibilities and ambiguities of faith, students of Theological Studies come to appreciate both the intrinsic value of religious inquiry and the role of religion in building a more just world.

Our Master of Arts in Theology provides students with a firm foundation in the methods of biblical, historical, comparative, systematic, and moral theology, with special emphasis on the Roman Catholic tradition. The program engages students in a wide range of ethical and cross-cultural concerns, and in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

Our Masters of Arts in Pastoral Theology engages the student in theological reflection on ministerial practice and concerns as preparation for active ministry in a pluralistic society. The program provides a theological foundation in methods of biblical, historical, systematic, and moral theology with special emphasis on the Roman Catholic tradition. It includes courses in liturgy, spirituality, faith and culture, Christian transformation, pastoral theology, Hispanic, and African-American ministry.

Mission Statement

Loyola Marymount University offers rigorous undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to academically ambitious students committed to lives of meaning and purpose. We benefit from our location in Los Angeles, a dynamic city that brings into sharp focus the issues of our time and provides an ideal context for study, research, creative work, and active engagement. By intention and philosophy, we invite men and women diverse in talents, interests, and cultural backgrounds to enrich our educational community and advance our mission:

  • The encouragement of learning
  • The education of the whole person
  • The service of faith and the promotion of justice

The University is institutionally committed to Roman Catholicism and takes its fundamental inspiration from the combined heritage of the Jesuits, the Marymount Sisters, and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. This Catholic identity and religious heritage distinguish LMU from other universities and provide touchstones for understanding our threefold mission

Qualifying Programs for NACC Certification

The following programs satisfy the academic prerequisites for initial certification.

Board Certified Chaplain and Certified Associate Chaplain (BCC, BCC-VA, CAC)

Contact information

Jennifer Scott
Graduate Program Administrator
[email protected]