Submit CAC Application


Prior to uploading your documents, applicants must

  1. Verify their Member Profile information, and
  2. Complete the Certificate and Ecclesiastical Endorsement Data Form
  3. Submit payment or request to be billed.


To verify Member Profile Information:

  • Use the Member Portal Login button at the top right of your screen to login into your member profile. Once logged in, click Edit this profile in the blue header.
    • Click on General Information to verify your address, phone, and email. Make any changes as appropriate.
    • Click onĀ Additional Addresses and add/verify your current employer address.
    • Click on Update Preferences to verify your Diocese of Ministry. If this designation is incorrect, uncheck the old and check the new.
  • Save your changes and use the BACK ARROW in your browser to return to this upload form.


To complete the Certificate and Ecclesiastical Endorsement Form:

  • This form collects the name, address, and email of the Ordinary of your Diocese of Ministry and, if applicable, the name, address and email required for an outside endorsement.
  • Please have the above contact data and your member ID on hand before clicking on the form.
  • Click on the button to complete the form.
  • Once you submit your response, you will get a message that your response was submitted. There is no need to save or print your response. The NACC will automatically receive your form.
  • Return to this upload form and continue to the next step.

To submit payment:

  • The CAC Application fee is $395.
  • Click the button below to submit payment or request to be billed.
  • Return to this upload form and upload your application documents.

Upload Documents

  • The upload form is only visible from January 4th through February 15th and August 4th through September 15th.
  • All completed application documents must be uploaded at one time.
  • You will need your NACC member number and the documents listed in the instruction booklet. Please be sure that your files follow the file naming conventions in the instruction booklet and that all your files have been converted to a PDF format.
  • Upon successful upload, you will receive a SUCCESS message. If your submission is incomplete, you will be prompted to fix the errors.

This form is not yet available.