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National Office Staff

Erica Cohen Moore headshot

Erica Cohen Moore

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Erica is the representative of the Board of Directors in the management of the Corporation pursuant to the Constitution and Bylaws and in accordance with its mission, vision and values. She is directly accountable to the Board of Directors in the implementation of the strategic plan and overall management of the corporation. She provides leadership, strategic visioning, and guidance of NACC activities, and also represents the NACC to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, professional chaplain organizations, and other community agencies.

Jeanine Annunziato headshot

Jeanine Annunziato

Director of Administration and Certification

Jeanine is responsible for the administration of internal operations and overseas daily operations at the NACC National Office. Jeanine assists the Executive Director and Finance Committee in stewarding the resources of the NACC. Jeanine is also part of the Certification and Education Team and responsible for the renewal of certification program, as well as the development and coordination of professional education programs, especially the National Conference.

Anita Houghton headshot

Anita Houghton

Director of Pastoral Care and Certification

Anita is responsible for the development and coordination of all matters and activities related to the professional Certification programs of members. She is spearheading the growth and development of the Catholic Partners in Pastoral Care and Certified Associate Chaplain (CAC) initiatives. Anita works closely with the NACC Certification Commission and NACC Competencies Commission.

Michelle Mettlach headshot

Michelle Mettlach

Administrative Specialist/Membership and Certification

Michelle is responsible for administrative support to the membership and certification areas. Michelle relates to members as they become members and maintains membership as well as supporting the efforts of the certification area (initial certification and renewal).

Alex Rich headshot

Alex Rich

Director of Development

Alex is responsible for managing and implementing NACC’s professional development strategy. Alex collaborates with the Development Commission and works closely with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and staff to support the mission of NACC through securing contributions. Alex serves as a catalyst for cultivating a culture of philanthropy and building collaborative relationships.