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2024 Professional Webinar: Thinking Differently: (Embodying/Constructing) A Theology of Disability

Presented by Maryann P. Hobbie BCC

Date:  September 12, 2024

Time: 12pm – 1:30pm Central Time

“Why would this be of interest to me? I don’t work with a disabled population.” Don’t leave yet…ableism? What? Indeed, our culture is built on independence and being able to sally forth, car keys in hand, to anywhere we choose. Wait. What if you don’t drive anymore? What if your destinations can no longer accommodate you? What if you go to your church and you can’t be involved in your former ministries because there are barriers everywhere? What about when you hear the scripture stories where people get prayed over, jump up and walk away and we are then reminded that the story was just a metaphor to help us develop our spiritual lives? What happened to the people that were in those stories? Did they have voices? And speaking of voices, did you know that Moses was a stutterer? There’s lots of learning to do when the world gets reframed through the eyes of one who has suddenly become disabled.

As a result of this webinar, participants will:

    1. Develop a broader awareness of the hidden challenges of disabilities
    2. Become aware of the need for and possible impact of a theology of disabilities in our chaplaincy practice and in our churches
    3. Be exposed to current thinking in the theology of disability arena

NACC Certification Competencies Addressed in this Webinar

Presenter Information

Transitioning from an “able-bodied,” athletic, beloved youth minister and college professor - to an unemployed person suddenly paralyzed from the neck down (vent dependent, tetrapelegiac C4-C7, incomplete), Maryann Hobbie had to transition from learning to navigate the world in a seated position in a power chair, to walking (somewhat awkwardly), to maneuvering through crowds with a (somewhat safer) motorized scooter. She lives with PTSD and visible and invisible disabilities. She integrates her love of learning, seeking, spirituality and teaching through research, writing, speaking and hosting retreats in her home. After serving four years as a hospital chaplain, she achieved her Board Certification. She spent much of her early career in direct service and administration for non-profits. She holds three master’s degrees. Her book, “Bringing Comfort: Hope in Times of Suffering” has reached many dealing with loss.