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Issue #114 - January 30, 2012

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(Items marked with a * are new or updated items)


1. Executive Director’s Reflection *
2. Blessing on World Day of the Sick and resources *
3. Inviting NACC members to apply to be NACC Board candidates *
4. The next deadline for initial certification application is quickly approaching! *
5. Go to the January-February 2012 Vision today! *
6. Would you like to write for future Vision issues? *
7. Are you aware of the various special networking calls?
8. Are you a non-member receiving NACC Now?
9. Have you moved recently and not told us?


10. Call for help with 2012 Conference *
11. 2012 Conference Looking for Bloggers *
12. Seeking Items for the Silent Auction – NACC 2012 Conference
13. Remember the deadline for submitting posters for conference presentation!
14. Did you get your Conference Brochure? Did you complete it yet?


15. Important reviews of research on chaplaincy in the U.S. available now *
16. Funding Opportunity: Building Capacity in Chaplaincy Research in Palliative Care *
17. Sign up today for the special February audio conferences on 2012 Conference Theme *
18. Mark these dates for the 2012 NACC audio conferences! *
19. Request: what medical consent to treat forms do you use? *
20. Request: what electronic system are you using for assessing/recording spiritual needs?
21. Online spiritual care knowledge-base being developed
22. 2012 NACC local/regional events *
23. Spiritual Care Champions Webinar Series
24. APC Webinars
25. ACPE Webinar Series
26. HealthCare Chaplaincy Webinars
27. The SCC 2011 Salary Survey is available!
28. Are you planning to give any presentations on chaplaincy?
29. Order your video promoting the chaplaincy profession
30. Accessing the chaplaincy profession video on YouTube
31. Healing Tree: a request for prayers *
32. Recent job postings *
33. Positions wanted

Executive Director’s Reflection *

Albert Szent-Gyorgyo de Nagyrapolt, a renowned medical researcher during the first part of the twentieth century and recognized for discovering vitamin C, is quoted as saying, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought of.” This remark certainly highlights both the apparent and discovery aspects of research. “I didn’t know that!” connotes a bit of “I’ve been around this a long time, but never realized this!” Research is a critical hallmark of any profession as it seeks to grow in insights and learning as it progresses. It’s certainly true for chaplaincy.

Over the past several weeks, research has been a recurring topic for us. In most professional settings I have been recently involved in, the topic of research has been discussed, either because of its importance for establishing the profession or because the profession needs research that evidences the benefits of chaplaincy. For 2011’s January-February issue of Vision when I was examining chaplaincy through the characteristics of profession, I wrote this about research:

“A profession also builds its knowledge base through a disciplined way of gaining more insights into the impact and importance of its field. Research is part of any valid profession. How does a profession grow its knowledge base? This will be an ongoing challenge and invitation to any of us in the profession. How do we contribute to the body of knowledge about our profession? How do we contribute to the research field of our profession? We are indebted to the many dedicated researchers in the field, but they continue to encourage us to contribute in some way. If spiritual care is going to be recognized as a profession, disciplined research to gain greater understanding of and to show the effectiveness of the profession is critical. (www.nacc.org/vision/Jan_Feb_2011/ed.asp)

We are indebted to several fields of research that have already contributed to our profession. If you recall, the White Paper of ten years ago first organized and presented results from areas of research that evidenced benefits of attending the spirituality of patients and families. Those six areas included: supporting religious/spiritual beliefs and practices; the importance of religious/spiritual coping during illness; responding to spiritual distress, enhancing coping strategies, caring for families, and patient and family satisfaction with the spiritual care provided by chaplains. At the time, and for the past decade, this White Paper set the bar on identifying and integrating current research into statements about chaplaincy benefits. It’s my own opinion that we did not maximize in more condensed communication tools what was briefly and succinctly presented in that paper. However, it continues to serve today as an inimitable framework for stating the profession. www.healthcarechaplaincy.org/userimages/professional-chaplaincy-its-role-and-importance-in-healthcare.pdf

You will find in this issue of NACC Now an invite from the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy (JHCC) to access important articles that assess research on chaplaincy. They are an excellent synthesis of what is available, as well as clear statements on the charge and focus of future research on chaplaincy. Here is a link to those articles: www.tandfonline.com/toc/whcc20/current.

Also, we were alerted to HealthCare Chaplaincy (HCC) initiative, “Growing the Field of Chaplaincy Research in Palliative Care,” that has requested proposals. If you link to the HCC palliative care research proposal and go to the Literature Review section of the proposal, you can access in pdf form another excellent summary of current research in the field. However, its other contribution is identifying the gaps in research that help form the rationale for this project. Included is a very helpful grid outlining this summary. If you are not familiar with what has been done in the field this is an excellent primer. www.healthcarechaplaincy.org/templeton-research-project.html

Just this past week, Harold Koenig, MD, made a case in PlainViews for chaplains to be involved in research. He gave several practical reasons why chaplains should be involved in research, and noted that, Although not all chaplains are likely to want to get involved in research, some may indeed decide that this is their calling. It can be anything from staying informed about the research, to providing input into research conducted by others, to being a member of a research team, to designing and carrying out a study as a principle investigator. Chaplains play all of these roles today. plainviews.healthcarechaplaincy.org/Issue24/Why-Chaplains-Must-do-Research-on-Spirituality-and-Health.aspx

I am really pleased that our 2012 Conference will have both a pre-conference workshop and a conference workshop on research. George Fitchett, Ph.D., and his team from Rush University Medical Center will provide both a pre-conference workshop on an “Introduction to Research for Chaplains,” and a workshop on “Evidence-based Spiritual Care: Update and Prospects.” 2012 NACC Conference Brochure (PDF)

I am also grateful to several of our NACC colleagues, who have interest and/or experience in research, for being part of a new Research Task Force. We have convened by conference call twice already. It’s already been good for us to meet each other and learn of each other’s experience and interests. We are exploring how best to create interest groups, share research with members, and to help members become research literate. If you have an interest to become part of this task force, please let me know! (dlichter@nacc.org) We are convening approximately every other month. You will see a notice of the next conference call in #6 below.

In yesterday’s Gospel reading, Mark 1:21-28, those listening to Jesus remarked, “The people were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes.” While this reading pertains to how Jesus taught with power that even expelled demons, I believe we can also marvel at and be challenged by the call to serve with authority, God-given and humanly developed. A key exercise for gaining authority is to evidence our ministry as a profession that includes conducting diverse research on our work, in order “to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought of” and to share with one another the discovery of that research.

What research on spiritual care and chaplaincy have you discovered that you would like to share with members? Let me know.


David Lichter, D.Min.
Executive Director


Blessing on World Day of the Sick and resources *

This is the 20th year that World Day of the Sick is commemorated. Since 1992, the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care has honored February 11th, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, as World Day of the Sick. The threefold purpose is: remind us to pray for the sick; reflect on and respond to human suffering, and recognize all those who work in health care and serve as caregivers. Thank you for your ministry! If you have not seen Pope Benedict's statement for this day, please go here to read it. Also, CHAUSA created a YouTube video for the day that you can access at youtu.be/F0rAbdL1GZY.

Inviting NACC members to apply to be NACC Board candidates *

The NACC Board of Directors will have one elected board member seat to fill for January 2013, as our current Board Chair, Alan Bowman, will be completing his two three-year terms on December 31, 2012. The Board continues its leadership discernment process. We invite members to consider presenting themselves as a potential candidate for Board consideration. Please review the Board responsibilities and criteria, and consider applying by completing the application form or encouraging another who meets the criteria to apply. We will accept applications until February 3, 2012. All applications are reviewed based on criteria and current board needs. If you have questions, please contact the Nomination Panel chair, Jim Letourneau at letournj@trinity-health.org.

The next deadline for initial certification application is quickly approaching! *

To be considered for a fall 2012 certification interview, please postmark all application materials and supporting documents by February 15th, 2012. For administrative support in certification, please contact Lindsey Tews at Lindsey.Tews@nacc.org or (414) 483-4898, ext. 308.

Go to the January-February 2012 Vision today! *

The January-February 2012 Vision is available on the NACC website. This issue is dedicated to two themes: To Serve the Poor and One Book, One Association. Remember that you no longer need your member number to access the Vision; just go to www.nacc.org/vision! Continued thanks to Laurie Hansen-Cardona and the Editorial Advisory Panel for their excellent work!

Would you like to write for future Vision issues? *

Vision is seeking writers on the next two Vision issues. Their themes are:

If interested, please contact Vision editor, Laurie Hansen-Cardona at vision@nacc.org.

Are you aware of the various special networking calls?

In the coming weeks we have scheduled several special conference calls for members. If you are not on the email list for these calls and want to be, please let us know by contacting Cindy Bridges (cbridges@nacc.org).

Are you a non-member receiving NACC Now?

Are you one of the more than 1,000 non-members who has subscribed to NACC Now? We are delighted you find this a valuable tool to advance the ministry of spiritual care and chaplaincy. Have you considered becoming an NACC Member? Join the more than 2500 members who advance the ministry of spiritual care, and support one another’s ministry! Receive additional members’ benefits! Visit the NACC website for more membership information. Join today! www.nacc.org/membership/categories.asp

Have you moved recently and not told us?

When you have moved personal residences or places of employment, or have a new e-mail address or phone number, please don’t forget to contact Mary Pawicz (mpawicz@nacc.org), our membership support staff person at the NACC office, to let her know! Please note that a valid, working email address and a current phone number are very important. For reasons of convenience and cost these are the most likely methods we will use to contact you. We don’t want you to miss our communications to you!



Call for help with 2012 Conference *

We are in need of someone to help sew some simple materials to be used in the liturgical experiences for the 2012 conference. If you can help us please contact Susanne Chawszczewski at schaw@nacc.org for more information.

2012 Conference Looking for Bloggers *

The NACC is planning to set up a blog for the 2012 Conference in Milwaukee. We are looking for experienced bloggers who are NACC members and are planning to attend this year’s conference. If you are interested in helping to blog live from the conference, please contact Susanne Chawszczewski at schaw@nacc.org.

Seeking Items for the Silent Auction – NACC 2011 Conference

We invite members to bring to the 2012 Conference handmade or other types of items, including items from your institution, for our silent auction to be held at the conference. Share your talents and gifts to benefit other members! Proceeds will go towards conference scholarships. If you are interested in contributing an item, please contact Susanne Chawszczewski at schaw@nacc.org.

Remember the deadline for submitting posters for conference presentation!

Sunday, May 20, 2012, we have set aside time and space for you to present a poster about your work. Your poster will be a visual presentation of your spiritual care department or CPE program, a special project you’ve developed or a description of works in progress (including research). Beyond pre-conference workshops and 75-minute conference workshops, poster displays offer your colleagues additional ways to learn about creative and innovative programs and research in spiritual care. Please note that applications for Posters are due by February 17, 2012. All applications must be submitted electronically. To learn more about poster presentations and to download an application form, please click here.

Did you get your Conference Brochure? Did you complete it yet?

The NACC 2012 Conference brochure should have arrived. If not, let us know. We are very excited to showcase our national plenary speakers and conference weaver, as well as quality workshops. Complete your registration today! The brochure is also online at www.nacc.org/conference/.



Important reviews of research on chaplaincy in the U.S. available now *

The most recent issue of the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy contains two very significant, complementary reviews of research on chaplaincy in the U.S. These articles are so important to the field that JHCC’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, has made them available for free at the Journal's website. JHCC invites all members of NACC to go to the website to download these articles for free: www.tandfonline.com/toc/whcc20/current. You are also invited to go to the following website, where you can download a free copy of an important article by George Fitchett about the use of case studies in chaplaincy, which appeared in JHCC earlier this year: www.tandfonline.com/toc/whcc20/17/1-2.

Funding Opportunity: Building Capacity in Chaplaincy Research in Palliative Care *

A reminder to you of the Call for Proposal (CFP) from Robert Wolf, J.D., Senior Vice President of Innovation and Development, HealthCare Chaplaincy, for a pioneering grant-making initiative aimed at growing the field of chaplaincy research in palliative care. This initiative seeks to create sustainable, collaborative, interdisciplinary research networks of experienced researchers and board-certified chaplains and to support approximately 6-10 field-advancing, hypothesis-driven research projects to better understand chaplains’ contributions to palliative care. The deadline for online submission of applications is March 15, 2012. healthcarechaplaincy.org/templeton-research-project.html

Sign up today for the special February audio conferences on 2012 Conference Theme *

As part of our preparation for our 2012 Conference, Reconciling Journey: A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance, we are very pleased that Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S, is offering our first audio conference of 2012 on Reconciliation: Meaning, Spirituality, and the Spiritual Care Profession, February 16 and 23, 2012 – 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Fr. Robert Schreiter is an internationally-recognized expert on inculturation, world mission, and reconciliation, having published seventeen books in these areas. To register for these audio conferences, go to www.nacc.org/resources/edops.aspx#16feb2012.

Mark these dates for the 2012 NACC audio conferences! *

Thank you to everyone who presented and participated in our 2011 audio conferences. We are pleased to announce our program for 2012. As an added benefit this year, we will be continuing the audio conferences focusing on theological topics, but have added a four-part series on Spiritual Care Leadership. The first of these will be in March. More information on all audio conferences will be available in the coming weeks. Mark your calendars for the following dates.

Request: what medical consent to treat forms do you use? *

Our NACC member, Colette Hanlon, SC, BCC, is requesting our members to share with her a copy of their Medical Consent to Treat Form and also a "script" (if you use one) for Admitting Staff to inquire about religious affiliation and whether or not they want that information restricted. Samples could be sent to her email chanlon@bhs1.org (W) hanloncolette@yahoo.com (H) or mailed to Colette Hanlon, S.C., 584 East St. #2, Pittsfield, MA 0120. She is willing to share what she receives in return.

Request: what electronic system are you using for assessing/recording spiritual needs?

Our NACC member, Thomas Rowan, BCC, works in pastoral care at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. This is an acute care hospital that recently installed electronic medical records (EMR), called Eclipsys, thus doing away with all paper files. This current system has nothing in it about spiritual assessments. If any of our members are utilizing Eclipsys and have a system for assessing and recording spiritual needs that can be added/integrated with Eclipsys, please let Tom know at Thomas_rowan@stbarnabas-ny.org.

Online spiritual care knowledge base being developed

John J. (Jack) Gleason, APC BCC (Retired), is building a free online spiritual care knowledge base as a resource for anyone to use in challenging spiritual care situations--such as issues of aging, fear of cancer recurrence, bad news--with over 200 samples in 24 categories. See what someone actually did and learned in a situation similar to yours. At www.acperesearch.net click on "Ideal Intervention Project." Locate your category in the Table of Contents, and then proceed to the appropriate page. E-mail Jack at mariejohn50@att.net regarding how to contribute your own experiences.

2012 NACC local/regional events *

We are in the midst of preparing the 2012 local events. Scheduled so far are the following. Mark your calendars today!

Spiritual Care Champions Webinar Series

Please consider the webinar offerings of the Spiritual Care Champions Series offered on Wednesdays. Go to www.che.org/mission/index.php?id=46.

APC webinars

Please note that APC has graciously extended a special discount on APC Professional Chaplaincy Webinars to members of their Organizational Partner associations, AAPC, ACCA, ACPE, CASC, NACC, NAJC and NAVAC.

Our NACC members are invited to use a special promotion code that a member can access by going to this Member Only page on the NACC website:
www.nacc.org/resources/apc_webinars.asp There you can also link to APC Store where you can use the code to register for live or recorded webinars. The code, when entered on the payment screen during final checkout, will deduct $20 from your webinar order. APC requests that we not share this code beyond our membership.

More info on these and other offerings: APC webinars

ACPE Webinar Series

Look for ACPE webinars being offered. More info: www.acpeacademy.com/2010-webinars/

HealthCare Chaplaincy Webinars

More info: plainviews.healthcarechaplaincy.org/content/Conferences.aspx

The New SCC 2011 Salary Survey is now available!

We are pleased to announce that the new SCC 2011 Salary Survey is now available. We are grateful to have partnered with the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) to conduct this survey. We thank all our members who participated in the survey. This survey report is copyrighted material. Members of APC and NACC have access to this salary survey as a member benefit. Members are asked not to duplicate this survey for others. Non-members can consult the website of the Spiritual Care Collaborative, www.spiritualcarecollaborative.org to purchase a copy for a nominal fee. You can access this survey through the membership portal.

SCC 2011 Salary Survey for NACC members: www.nacc.org/resources/salarysurveyintro.asp
SCC 2011 Salary Survey for nonmembers: www.spiritualcarecollaborative.org/salary_survey.asp

Are you planning to give any presentations on chaplaincy?

We continue to encourage members to promote the chaplaincy profession. Please remember that the NACC office staff want to make sure you have resources to share. If you are planning to do a presentation, please contact Cindy Bridges (cbridges@nacc.org) so that she can send you brochures. Also we remind you that you can access on our NACC website the Chaplaincy Ministry video (or order one – see below) as well as two PowerPoint slideshows to use as a basis for the presentation at www.nacc.org/advancing/promo.asp.

Order your video promoting the chaplaincy profession

Our video on Chaplaincy, both a recruitment version (that begins and ends with “Is God Calling You?”), and a version without this question, is available in DVD format. The charge is just $6.00, the cost of production and shipping. You may preview the video at this link. To order copies please email Cindy Bridges for instructions.

Accessing the chaplaincy profession video on YouTube

Do you know that you can also access the Chaplaincy video on YouTube? Since YouTube now allows more than 10 minute clips, we have been able to have YouTube host our video. You can access the video at www.nacc.org/advancing/promo.asp and visit the NACC’s YouTube channel (click “subscribe” to receive notifications when we add new content to our channel): www.youtube.com/user/CatholicChaplains.

Healing Tree: a request for prayers *

Please let us know if you would like our membership to pray for your health and healing. Also please let us know when you want us to remove your name from our Healing Tree.

We continue to pray for: Marybeth Harmon (will undergo breast cancer surgery on Wednesday, February 1st at 1:30 p.m. EST), Joe Floryance, husband of Melissa Casanta-Floryance (cancer), Francesco Marshall, Tom Landry (at the death of his father, Thomas), Glenn and Pat Teske (recuperation from injuries suffered in car accident), Anna Maria Marabella (Surgery), Susan Murphy (recovering from hospital stay), Sr. Margaret Dougherty, DC (cancer), Fr. Jim Radde, SJ (cancer), Sr. Mary Clare Boland, SP, Sr. Phyllis Ann DiRenzo (treatment for breast cancer), Kathy Brier (hospitalization-daughter of NACC member Theresa Brier), Ginny Conron (POP surgery), Marcella Keefe-Slager (lung cancer and treatment), Gloria Troxler (preventive chemotherapy after ovarian surgery), Fr. Kevin Ikpah (eye troubles), Lourdes B. Ruta (wife of Peter Ruta, in recovery), and Kelly Elizabeth Sexton (cancer: daughter of NACC member Melyssa Sexton).

Recent job postings *

The following positions have been posted in the last two weeks. Please go to www.nacc.org/positions/available.aspx for more information.

      Warren, MI - Sanctuary at the Abbey

      Butte, MT - St. James Healthcare

      Grosse Pointe, MI - St. John Hospital & Medical Center

      Indianapolis, IN - St. Francis Health

      Barrington, IL - Hospice & Palliative Care of Northeastern Illinois

      Spokane, WA - Providence Health Care

      La Crosse, WI - Gundersen Lutheran

      Cleveland, OH - St. John Medical Center

Positions wanted

In this time of change and uncertainty it is more important than ever to use every resource available. If you have lost your job recently, if you’re just seeking a new or better position, or if you are an employer seeking a chaplain for your organization, be sure to visit our Positions Wanted webpage. NACC members can take advantage of this free service by placing a job-seeking ad, for free, which will run for 60 days. To see the ads, visit www.nacc.org/positions/wanted.asp.

To place your own ad, send an email to Phil Paradowski: pparadowski@nacc.org.