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Issue #112 - January 3, 2012

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(Items marked with a * are new or updated items)


1. Executive Director’s Reflection *
2. Final opportunity to order your 2012 World Day of the Sick prayer cards! *
3. Reminder – Peer Reviewers for Renewal of Certification
4. Welcome to our new NACC members who joined us in December 2011! *
5. Watch this week for the January-February 2012 Vision *
6. Looking for writers for future Vision issues! *
7. Are you a non-member receiving NACC Now?
8. Have you moved recently and not told us?


9. Conference Brochure is being sent this week! Look for it soon! *
10. Plan to attend the NACC 2012 National Conference


11. American Red Cross – Disaster Spiritual Care Newsletter 01 *
12. Online spiritual care knowledge base being developed *
13. Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care: A Practical Clergy and Chaplain’s Handbook
14. Webinar on January 12, 2012 for Funding Opportunity: Building Capacity in Chaplaincy Research in Palliative Care *
15. 2012 NACC audio conferences being finalized! *
16. 2012 NACC local/regional events *
17. The New SCC 2011 Salary Survey is now available!
18. Spiritual Care Champions Webinar Series
19. ACPE Webinar Series
20. APC Webinars
21. HealthCare Chaplaincy Webinars
22. Are you planning to give any presentations on chaplaincy?
23. Order your video promoting the chaplaincy profession
24. Accessing the chaplaincy profession video on YouTube
25. Healing Tree: a request for prayers *
26. Recent job postings *
27. Positions wanted *


Executive Director’s Reflection *

A blessed 2012 to all of you!

On the past Sunday, our pastor invited us to reflect, as Mary, on all that had occurred. At the end of his homily, he sat down in silence and asked us to reflect on 2011, and then continue that process sometime in the next 24 hours. I confess, it was an important moment. I usually take the last couple days of a year, and let all the impressions of the year wash over me. Like you, I do a lot of thinking. However, reflecting takes a little more. I often am challenged by Uncle Murray in A Thousand Clowns, when he says, “You have got to know what day it is… You have to own your days and name them, or else the years go right by and none of them belong to you.” So did 2011 “belong” to you? Did you “own” and “name” 2011 yet? I am still reflecting on it. Next week, my wife, Jackie, and I will go again to a new year’s gathering of friends at which each share their top ten of the year before. I still need to finish that list.

As 2012 begins with NACC, I reflected back on 2011, and was again deeply touched by so many events:

  1. The local gatherings of our chaplains (many in which I was able to participate, and the many health systems and NACC members who made them possible;
  2. The high quality audio conferences and the many members who participated;
  3. The Milwaukee National Conference in May 2011 that many participants thought was among the best they attended, and the Planning Task Force that made them possible;
  4. The network calls for palliative/hospice care, long term care, prison ministry, deacons, 40’s and under, and the many who serve one another on these calls;
  5. The new research task force that is just beginning;
  6. The institutional partnerships with so many Catholic healthcare systems;
  7. The partnership with Catholic Health Association and the inauguration of a new Pastoral Care Advisory Committee that advances collaboration among CHA members and NACC members on common pastoral care issues and needs;
  8. The ongoing relationship-building among our Bishops through Archbishop Paul Coakley, our USCCB Episcopal Liaison, and the USCCB Episcopal Advisory Council who supported and endorsed the sending of the February 11, 2011, letter about the NACC and our members;
  9. The ongoing relationships with our colleagues in the Spiritual Care Collaborative, our partnership with the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) in the publishing of the 2011 Salary Survey, and the ongoing dialogue among all the professional associations dedicated to spiritual care, as evidenced in the December 7-8, 2011, Atlanta Common Project meeting;
  10. Above all, by the deeply committed NACC staff who are inspirational daily in their dedication, and the NACC Board of Directors that lead NACC now and into the future as we have entered again into a strategic planning process.

As I was challenged to “own” and “name” 2011, I found myself with two phrases, “in partnerships for the profession” and “called together in ministry.” I suppose I will come up with ten more phrases before the end of January. All this reflecting, however, just led me to deeper gratitude for the gift of chaplaincy, your ministries, and you. I am blessed to serve the Lord in this way. Thank you!

December 7-8, SCC Common Project Gathering

On December 7-8, 2011, at the The Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport/Millennium Center, we had 19 representatives from 12 professional associations meet to “Identify one project that together we can devote ourselves to accomplishing in 2012” (please click to view a photo of participants). While the original plan to focus on the selection of a particular project that might engage the group in shared work that could lead to deeper relationships was not achieved, the meeting outcomes were deeper understandings of and appreciations for each other’s associations, as well as perspectives on and experiences of one another’s organizations. Those present expressed the significance of this gathering and a commitment to work more closely together including gathering again at the COMISS Network meeting on January 8th to further the dialogue. We pledge to share with our respective members the photo of those gathered and our commitment to seek further ways to collaborate.

The group asked me, on their behalf, to write the author, Laura Landro, of the Wall Street Journal December 2, 2011, article, “Bigger Roles for Chaplains on Patient Medical Teams” (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204826704577074462494881428.html) expressing this groups’ appreciation for the article, and listing all the professional associations participating. I did so and received back an appreciative email from Laura.

I do believe what occurred at this gathering will bear more fruit in 2012. Thank you for your prayer for this meeting.

I look forward to serving you and the NACC in 2012!

David Lichter, D.Min.
Executive Director


Final opportunity to order your 2012 World Day of the Sick prayer cards! *

We cannot accept any more orders for NACC 2012 World Day of the Sick cards after this coming Friday, January 9, 2012 and still ensure on-time delivery. If you still need these cards, order today. Please do not send your payment with the order as you will be invoiced when the prayer cards are sent. You can go to www.nacc.org/resources/wds/ for the order form or to preview the cards (click on the images to enlarge). For questions, please contact Cindy Bridges (cbridges@nacc.org).

Reminder – Peer Reviewers for Renewal of Certification

Just a friendly reminder that your Peer Reviewer must be an ACTIVE or RETIRED CERTIFIED Chaplain or CPE Supervisor who is a current member of the NACC with whom you do not share a reporting relationship (either report to or they report to you). Additionally, while we value the service of our Inactive and Emeritus members, according to our certification procedures, an Inactive or Emeritus certified member cannot be a peer reviewer.

Welcome to our new NACC members who joined us in December 2011! *

We extend a warm welcome to the following NACC members who joined us in December:

Full Members

Lisa Bernhard-Baker
Leesa Callison
Alphonsus Ihuoma
Jean Laurent
Elizabeth Mackenzie
Carole McCollester
Susan Rooney
Noelani Sheckler-Smith

Student Members

James Browne

Associate Members

Kristina Pravica

Watch this week for the January-February 2012 Vision *

You will be alerted this week when the January-February 2012 Vision will be available on the NACC website. This issue is dedicated to two themes: To Serve the Poor and One Book, One Association. Remember that you no longer need your member number to access the Vision; just go to www.nacc.org/vision! Continued thanks to Laurie Hansen-Cardona and the Editorial Advisory Panel for their excellent work!

Looking for writers for future Vision issues! *

Vision seeks writers on these themes for 2012:

If interested, please contact Vision editor, Laurie Hansen-Cardona at vision@nacc.org.

Are you a non-member receiving NACC Now?

Are you one of the more than 1,000 non-members who has subscribed to NACC Now? We are delighted you find this a valuable tool to advance the ministry of spiritual care and chaplaincy. Have you considered becoming an NACC Member? Join the more than 2500 members who advance the ministry of spiritual care, and support one another’s ministry! Receive additional members’ benefits! Visit the NACC website for more membership information. Join today! www.nacc.org/membership/categories.asp

Have you moved recently and not told us?

When you have moved personal residences or places of employment, or have a new e-mail address or phone number, please don’t forget to contact Mary Pawicz (mpawicz@nacc.org), our membership support staff person at the NACC office, to let her know! Please note that a valid, working email address and a current phone number are very important. For reasons of convenience and cost these are the most likely methods we will use to contact you. We don’t want you to miss our communications to you!



Conference Brochure is being sent this week! Look for it soon! *

The NACC 2012 Conference brochure is being sent this week! Please watch for it! We are very excited to showcase our national plenary speakers and conference weaver, as well as quality workshops. Several special events are also part of the conference experience this year so plan to attend. The brochure will also be online at www.nacc.org/conference/.

Plan to attend the NACC 2012 National Conference

Please remember and mark your calendar with the dates of our NACC 2012 National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 19-22, 2012. The theme for the conference will be Reconciling Journey: A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance. Go to www.nacc.org/conference for critical conference questions.



American Red Cross – Disaster Spiritual Care Newsletter 01 *

Our NACC member, Tim Serban, Volunteer Lead of the ARC Disaster Spiritual Care, on behalf of the Disaster Spiritual Care - Leadership Team, invites you to read their recent news letter. Go to www.nacc.org/resources/fm/e-srt_news.asp to read it (requires member login). The topics include:

Online spiritual care knowledge base being developed *

John J. (Jack) Gleason, APC BCC (Retired), is building a free online spiritual care knowledge base as a resource for anyone to use in challenging spiritual care situations--such as issues of aging, fear of cancer recurrence, bad news--with over 200 samples in 24 categories. See what someone actually did and learned in a situation similar to yours. At www.acperesearch.net click on "Ideal Intervention Project." Locate your category in the Table of Contents, and then proceed to the appropriate page. E-mail Jack at mariejohn50@att.net regarding how to contribute your own experiences.

Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care: A Practical Clergy and Chaplain’s Handbook

The new book of our professional colleague, Rabbi Stephen B. Roberts, MBA, BCJC, Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care: A Practical Clergy and Chaplain’s Handbook, is now published! It is an excellent resource, as the first general comprehensive resource for spiritual and pastoral care that offers the latest theological perspectives and tools, along with basic theory and skills from the best pastoral and spiritual care texts, research and concepts. The contributors to this resource are experts in their fields and include eight current or past presidents of the major chaplaincy organizations, as well as four of our NACC members: D.W. Donovan, Sr. Norma Gutierrez, Linda Piotrowski, and Tim Serban. You can order from Amazon.com at www.amazon.com/Professional-Spiritual-Pastoral-Care-Practical/dp/1594733120.

Webinar on January 12, 2012 for Funding Opportunity: Building Capacity in Chaplaincy Research in Palliative Care *

The HealthCare Chaplaincy has released a Call for Proposals (CFP) for a pioneering grant-making initiative aimed at growing the field of chaplaincy research in palliative care. This initiative seeks to create sustainable, collaborative, interdisciplinary research networks of experienced researchers and board-certified chaplains and to support approximately 6-10 field-advancing, hypothesis-driven, research projects to better understand chaplains’ contributions to palliative care. The deadline for online submission of applications is March 15, 2012. Go to healthcarechaplaincy.org for more information. A webinar for applicants is planned for Thursday, January 12, 2012, at 2 p.m. ET. This initiative is being made possible by the John Templeton Foundation.

2012 NACC audio conferences being finalized! *

We are preparing the 2012 NACC audio conferences. Look for their announcement in the near future. Thank you to all those presented for and participated in the 2011 audio conferences!

2012 NACC local/regional events *

We are in the midst of preparing the 2012 local events. Scheduled so far are the following. Mark your calendars today!

The New SCC 2011 Salary Survey is now available!

We are pleased to announce that the new SCC 2011 Salary Survey is now available. We are grateful to have partnered with the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) to conduct this survey. We thank all our members who participated in the survey. This survey report is copyrighted material. Members of APC and NACC have access to this salary survey as a member benefit. Members are asked not to duplicate this survey for others. Non-members can consult the website of the Spiritual Care Collaborative, www.spiritualcarecollaborative.org to purchase a copy for a nominal fee. You can access this survey through the membership portal.

SCC 2011 Salary Survey for NACC members: www.nacc.org/resources/salarysurveyintro.asp
SCC 2011 Salary Survey for nonmembers: www.spiritualcarecollaborative.org/salary_survey.asp

Spiritual Care Champions Webinar Series

Please consider the webinar offerings of the Spiritual Care Champions Series offered on Wednesdays. Go to www.che.org/mission/index.php?id=46.

ACPE Webinar Series

Look for ACPE webinars being offered. More info: www.acpeacademy.com/2010-webinars/

APC webinars *

Please note that APC has graciously extended a special discount on APC Professional Chaplaincy Webinars to members of their Organizational Partner associations, AAPC, ACCA, ACPE, CASC, NACC, NAJC and NAVAC.

Our NACC members are invited to use a special promotion code that a member can access by going to this Member Only page on the NACC website:
www.nacc.org/resources/apc_webinars.asp There you can also link to APC Store where you can use the code to register for live or recorded webinars. The code, when entered on the payment screen during final checkout, will deduct $20 from your webinar order. APC requests that we not share this code beyond our membership.

More info on these and other offerings: APC webinars

HealthCare Chaplaincy Webinars

More info: plainviews.healthcarechaplaincy.org/content/Conferences.aspx

Are you planning to give any presentations on chaplaincy?

We continue to encourage members to promote the chaplaincy profession. Please remember that the NACC office staff want to make sure you have resources to share. If you are planning to do a presentation, please contact Cindy Bridges (cbridges@nacc.org) so that she can send you brochures. Also we remind you that you can access on our NACC website the Chaplaincy Ministry video (or order one – see below) as well as two PowerPoint slideshows to use as a basis for the presentation at www.nacc.org/advancing/promo.asp.

Order your video promoting the chaplaincy profession

Our video on Chaplaincy, both a recruitment version (that begins and ends with “Is God Calling You?”), and a version without this question, is available in DVD format. The charge is just $6.00, the cost of production and shipping. You may preview the video at this link. To order copies please email Cindy Bridges for instructions.

Accessing the chaplaincy profession video on YouTube

Do you know that you can also access the Chaplaincy video on YouTube? Since YouTube now allows more than 10 minute clips, we have been able to have YouTube host our video. You can access the video at www.nacc.org/advancing/promo.asp and visit the NACC’s YouTube channel (click “subscribe” to receive notifications when we add new content to our channel): www.youtube.com/user/CatholicChaplains.

Healing Tree: a request for prayers *

Please let us know if you would like our membership to pray for your health and healing. Also please let us know when you want us to remove your name from our Healing Tree.

We continue to pray for: Joe Floryance, husband of Melissa Casanta-Floryance (cancer), Francesco Marshall, Tom Landry (at the death of his father, Thomas), Glenn and Pat Teske (recuperation from injuries suffered in car accident), Bonnie Burnett (recuperation from surgery), Anna Maria Marabella (Surgery), Marian Louwagie (Cancer), Susan Murphy (recovering from hospital stay), Sr. Margaret Dougherty, DC (cancer), Fr. Jim Radde, SJ (cancer), Sr. Mary Clare Boland, SP, Sr. Phyllis Ann DiRenzo (treatment for breast cancer), Kathy Brier (hospitalization-daughter of NACC member Theresa Brier), Ginny Conron (POP surgery), Marcella Keefe-Slager (lung cancer and treatment), Gloria Troxler (preventive chemotherapy after ovarian surgery), Fr. Kevin Ikpah (eye troubles), Lourdes B. Ruta (wife of Peter Ruta, in recovery), and Kelly Elizabeth Sexton (cancer: daughter of NACC member Melyssa Sexton).

Recent job postings *

The following positions have been posted in the last two weeks. Please go to www.nacc.org/positions/available.aspx for more information.

     St. Joseph Medical Center, Reading, PA

Positions wanted *

In this time of change and uncertainty it is more important than ever to use every resource available. If you have lost your job recently, if you’re just seeking a new or better position, or if you are an employer seeking a chaplain for your organization, be sure to visit our Positions Wanted webpage. NACC members can take advantage of this free service by placing a job-seeking ad, for free, which will run for 60 days. To see the ads, visit www.nacc.org/positions/wanted.asp.

To place your own ad, send an email to Phil Paradowski: pparadowski@nacc.org.