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Please Mark Your Calendar for the Texas NACC Gathering

The next Texas NACC Gathering will be held in Austin, Texas the weekend of January 30-31, 2010. Details are currently being solidified by the organizing group and will be communicated to you as soon as arrangements are finalized. This is to give you early information to hold this date on your calendar. We hope you would plan to attend. For further inquiries please reply to Fr. Baaju Izuchi at baajuizuchi@yahoo.com.

Blessings, Baaju


Texas gathering December 2-3, 2008

During the past week, December 2-3, nearly 30 NACC members gathered at the Oblate Renewal Center in San Antonio Texas for two days of professional and spiritual enrichment. Presentations, prayer, vocational sharing, and future planning filled the schedule. Participants look forward to the next one. Fr. Baaju Izuchi, the state liaison, worked with Cindy Bridges and David Lichter in the planning.

Attendee Roster
December 2-3 Texas gathering


email address (replace the AT with @)

1     Sr. Zita Aku

(Email: oge62003ATyahoo.com)

2     Carolyn Anderson-Stewart

(Email: carandsteATsatx.rr.com)

3     Kelly Bigler

(Email: kelly.biglerATjuno.com)

4     Rev. Emmanuel Chikezie

(Email: kaycee2002ATemail.com)

5     Donna Dickerson

(Email: donna.dickersonATsbcglobal.net)

6     Deacon David Garvis

(Email: dggarvisATaol.com)

7     Deacon Robert M. Garza

(Email: r.garzaATchristushealth.org)

8     Barbara Hargus

(Email: barbara.annATsbcglobal.net)

9     Judy Hoelscher

(Email: jhoelscherATswmail.sw.org)

10     Baaju Izuchi

(Email: baajuizuchiATyahoo.com)

11     Mary Johnson

(Email: marymichael.johnsonATgmail.com)

12     Sr. Marian Jordan

(Email: marian.jordanATamormeus.org)

13     Rev. Victor E. Laroche

(Email: larochevATyahoo.com)

14     David Lichter

(Email: dlichterATnacc.org)

15     Sr. Stephanie Morales

(Email: stephaniefmiATyahoo.com)

16     Sr. Casmir Nwadiukwu

(Email: cnwadiukwuATyahoo.com)

17     Rev. Bernard Nwaokeleme

(Email: nduma22000ATyahoo.com)

18     Sharon Pelton

(Email: eski0505ATyahoo.com)

19     Theresa Pieniazek

(Email: tpieniazekATfranciscancommunities.com)

20     Karen Pugliese

(Email: karen_puglieseATcdh.org)

21     Father Mark Scheffler

(Email: MARKLADSATcs.com)

22     Sr. Aurora Sibugrealubit

(Email: pilgrim2108ATgmail.com)

23     Ed Smink

(Email: emsminkATdubuis.org)

24     Sr. Kim-Phuong Tran

(Email: kimccviATyahoo.com)